Registration for the 2020 SPRING SESSION looked like this.  Just for reference.

If you are registering 2 or more wrestlers, FIRST contact Jay Sexton by text.  512-796-2935

YOU must have a PayPal account to make payment!

See if you've got what it takes......

Come Give It A Try - Your First Practice is FREE!


Complete the registration form below before attending your first open mat or regular training session. You will have the option of participating in one free practice or you can choose PAY NOW at the time of registration.  

NOTE:  If you  choose the free trial and later decide to join, you MUST RE-REGISTER ENTIRELY.

Below is a portal to the USA Wrestling Site.


Feel free to use the site to verify your USA Wrestling membership and

ID Number.

You need to know your USA Membership Number!!!!!

If you can not access  it, contact Coach Jay Sexton by text.

512-796-2935 TEXT

If you are a new member then the price of membership will be INCLUDED

in the registration process.