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About US

The Westlake Youth Wrestling Club (WYWC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group founded in 1999 to provide training and competitive wrestling opportunities for the youth of Westlake Hills and surrounding areas of Austin, TX.  In the fall WYWC focuses on folkstyle technique.  This is the same style wrestled by high schools and colleges.  Spring wrestling (when offered) may teach Olympic freestyle and/or greco technique.  The club is open to wrestlers of any gender or experience between the ages of 6 and 14.  We typically operate in the folkstyle season from late October through February with registration just prior to the season.  If you want to be added to our email list for upcoming registration please email the contact below.


Head Coach:  Jay Sexton



Club Chairman:   Mike Elswick

Wrestling 101

What is Wrestling All About?

Excerpts from American Coaching Effectiveness Program


Wrestling is a popular sport for kids. One particularly attractive feature is that wrestlers are matched up according to weight, age and experience. This allows youngsters too small to compete in other sports to face opponents of about the same size, age and ability. Wrestling provides the benefits of physical development, nutritional awareness, and increased self-responsibility, self-confidence and exposure to new learning experiences both on and off the mat.


Wrestling is not a highly complex sport. But, because of the physical contact rules do exist to provide a fair competition and to ensure the safety and health of the participants. 


A referee, timekeeper, and scorekeeper are necessary to conduct an official match. The match is divided into three periods. Matches begin with wrestlers on their feet, facing each other in a “neutral position”, with no advantage to either one.


The second and third periods can start with either a) both wrestlers down on the mat with one in a position of advantage (“referees position”), or b) both wrestlers on their feed in a neutral position. A coin toss determines which wrestler gets his choice of position.


The duration of the match depends on the age group involved with younger wrestlers wrestling one-minute periods and older wrestlers extending to one and one-half minute periods. Winners are determined by points accumulated during the entire match, however a match can end due to a one opponents pinning the other (a “fall”), technical fall (point differential), injury, forfeit, or disqualification for misconduct, stalling or other rules violation a referee believes warrant it.


Classification Systems

The wrestlers are matched up by weight, age, and experience. A weigh-in is held before the competition. The wrestlers’ body weight must be within pre-set weight groupings. See for the current weight and age classifications.



Wrestlers will train on many techniques to help them to score points or to pin an opponent. Points may be scored from any position. This leads to some dramatic and exciting finishes. To add even more drama, wrestlers may win a match at any time by pinning his opponent, regardless of the score. Here’s a basic description of maneuvers and scoring:






    2 pts

    Taking the opponent down to the mat from the neutral position


    1 pt

    Getting away from the opponent and gaining a neutral position


    2 pts   

    An exchange of control when the bottom wrestler gains the top position

Near Fall

    2 or 3 pts

    Both shoulder blades are exposed to the mat for a count of 2 or more seconds but a fall does not occur


    End match

    An opponents shoulders/blades are held to the mat for 2 seconds

Technical Fall

    End match

    A margin of greater than 12 points ends the match



Coaching is PARENT driven.  

All coaches are USA Wrestling certified coaches with background checks and Safe Sport certifications.  

We have several dads in the room with varying levels of wrestling experience.  (Mom's are welcome also)


The head coach, Jay Sexton now has a 7th grader in the program.  

Coach Sexton was a

3X State Champ in Missouri and wrestled for MIZZOU.

"I have been involved with Westlake Wrestling since 2009.

COVID set us back a bit, but the time is NOW for this program to grow in size and strength."

Training Facility

Training Facility

The Westlake Youth Wrestling Club leases space and mats from Eanes ISD. Our training takes place in the Westlake High School Wrestling Room.


DIRECTIONS:  From Hwy 360 take Westbank Drive. Take Camp Craft Rd on the left before the high school and continue until the stadium parking lot. Once in the lot, head towards the school. The practice room is the windowed building facing the football stadium. Use the stairs on the left to enter.


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